Every year the whole of the UK unite to join in the fight against bullying.

This years theme is 'Taking Action Together'.

Full Stop 2 Bullying works towards helping join people together to fight against bullying and hopefully stop it.

Bullying happens in every walk of life whether your in school or work but together we can all do our bit to stop it. 

Lets put a Full Stop 2 Bullying!

FS2B will be carrying out interviews with various press throughout the week check back here for updates!


'Taking Action Together!' 

Visit the ABA website for 

events near you! 

Regardless of the day or month we should each work together to stop bullying.  

If you see bullying following the three step rule :

  1. See it
  2. Report it
  3. Stop it

If we all take a step to stop such cruel behaviour hopefully we can take a step closer to a world free from cruelty to others.

Email us about how you and your school participated in Anti Bullying Week 2010

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