In Memory of all those who have lost their lives because of bullying . . . . x 

Every three weeks someone somewhere in the world loses their life as a result of bullying.  Some as a result of suicide as they simply couldn't cope with such cruel torment any longer, others whilst being tormented and some tragically killed as they run away from their tormenters.

In the UK alone 15-25 children will commit suicide this year as a direct effect of bullying.  Many more will attempt to do so and many lives are left behind completely shattered and torn about by such a loss.

Full Stop 2 Bullying is aimeed to prevent such tragic losses and give everyone suffering a support network.  We provide training and support not only to the victim but also to their family.

In 2004 Laura Elisabeth Rhodes tragically ended her life after years of torment and cruelty at the hands of bullies.  I have seen the devastating effect it has had on her beloved parents Yvonne & Mike.

Below is a list of special angels who have left this world too soon.

Each of them have left their special mark on the world.  Please spare a moment to think of them and their families and learn to fight against bullying so their lives have not been lost in vain.

Jeffrey  Johnston  (Age  15)

Jonathan Reynolds (Age 15)

Jeffrey Johnston (Age 15)

Holly Chapman (Age 12)

Aimee Wellock (Age 16)

Brice Edwards (Age 15)

Shaun Noonan (Age 14)

Anna Maria Averill (Age 15)

Paul McCauley (Age 11)

Kelly Farrar (Age 13) Aaron Armstrong (Age 12) 

Nathan Jones (Age 12)

Lee Morris (Age 10)

Oran Saye (Age 12)

Jeff Weise (Age 16)

Darren Steele (Age 15)

Travis Sleeva (Age 16)

Damilola Taylor (Age 10)

Natalie Smith (Age 12)

Myles Neuts  (Age 10)

Kyle Jones (Age 17)

Velia Huerta Victorino (Age 15)

Joshua  Melo (Age 15)

Brian Head (Age 15)

Paul Moran (Age 13)

Emmet Fralick (Age 14)

John Gettle (Age 14) 

Daniel Scruggs (Age 12)

Curtis Taylor  (Age 12)

Brandon  Swartwood (Age 15)

Marlene Shanks (Age 15)

April Hines (Age 14)

Jared High (Age 13)

Jack Glasby (Age 13)

Emma Morrison (Age 12)

Karl Peart (Age 16)

Adam Grigg (Age 14)

Jamie Carl Sell (Age 17)

David Berry (Age 16)

Greg Doucette (Age 15)

Katherine Jane Morrison (Age 16)

Velia  Huert Victorino (Age 15)

Daniel Overfield (Age 12)

Martin Harvey  (Age  11)

Peter Evans (Age 11)

James Lambeth (Age 16)

Lucy  Forrester (Age 16)

Stephen Ayres (Age 13)

Hannah Kirkhan (Age 18)

Ben Vodden (Age 11)

Sian Yates (Age 13)

Ryan Patrick Halligan (Age 13)

Amy Tipton (Age 14)

Tom Brough (Age 14)

Dawn Marie Wesley (Age 13)

Christopher O'Reilly (Age 15)

Sarah Harrison (Age 15)

Hannah Taylerson (Age 15)

Laura Kalibarda (Age 13) 

Reena Virk (Age 14)

Morgan Musson (Age 13)

Eric Harris (Age 18)

Dylan Klebold (Age 17)

Jamie Evans (Age 14)

Laura Grimes (Age 14)

Thomas Thompson (Age 11)

Suzy Barclay  (Age 14)

Elaine Swiff (Age 15)

Marianne Shenks (Age 15)

Nicola Raphael (Age 15)

Ben Brownlee (Age 15)

Tempest Smith (Age 12)

Oliver Sabine (Age 17)

Gail Jones (Age 15)

Jevan Richardson (Age 10)

Kayleigh Davies (Age 13)

Emma Robertson (Age 13)

Gemma Dimmick (Age 15)

Denise Bailie (Age 14)

Josh Belluardo (Age 13)

Nikki Sielaiman (Age 16)

Christopher Joyer (Age 12)

Hamed Nastoh (Age 14)

Kerby Casey Guerra (Age 13)

Jemma Brine-Daniels (Age 14)

Allistair Hunter  (Age 12)

Neil Gadd (Age 9)

Darren Steele  (Age 15)

Kelly Yeomans (Age 13)

Whitney Griffiths (Age 12)

Vijay Sigh  (Age 13)

Marie Bentham  (Age 8)

Danielle Goss (Age 15)

Darren Steele (Age 15)

Stephen Woodhall (Age 12)

Amanda Brownridge  (Age 14) 

Marianne Bisenieks (Age  15)

Jeremy Wade Delle (Age 16)

Marc Haep (Age 18)

Luke Walmsley (Age 14)

Gary Hansen (Age 16)

Corrine Wilson (Age 13)

Christina Calco (Age 15)

Phoebe Prince (Age 15)


Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I'll miss you
Until we meet again!


If your visiting this site and need advice please do not suffer in silence email me at 

If you urgently need help please contact one of the following helplines who can provide help


At FS2B we believe that everything our callers tell us, including the fact that they have contacted us, is confidential. This means we can’t talk to anyone about anything we hear. Full Stop 2 Bullying's concept of complete confidentiality means that we do not disclose information that has been divulged by a caller, even if the caller remains anonymous, however if we feel you are in danger of serious harm we may take steps to help you. Again this would be in a confidential manner.

Some people dream
Some people live
Some people don't know what to give
Give to the people with all your
Be like the angels from above

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