Gemma appeared in Bliss magazine in 2004, here's a fan letter sent into Bliss after the story was published! 

Bold & Beautiful

I was so inspired by Gemma Lang's story 'Beaten Up For Being  Gorgeous, (Bliss, May).  I really admire her courage.  I'm glad she stood up to her tormentors and now helps others who are going through the same ordeal.  Well done, Gemma!

Caroline Henson, 17, Bucks

Write to Matty @ Bliss

Matty says :

'Gemma's recieved even more fan mail than me this month!  What a star! 


I just read through ur website and its brilliant.  Keep up the excellent work young people and old people need to know where to look for advice.  Well done Gem x x x

Friend, South Wales
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