About Us

Full Stop 2 Bullying is a campaign which was set up whilst I was at school. It is dedicated to the prevention of bullying and the need to try and stop the pain and hurt that can result from such dreadful deeds. It aims to provide support to victims and their families via the Internet, e-mail and telephone.
We also attend schools, workplaces & universities to provide tailor made anti bullying strategies, policies etc., to help people who actively want to tackle bullying and help those who suffer daily and are just scared and need help.

Driven by the need to help others, Full Stop 2 Bullying's aim is to offer support to victims of bullying and their families, by raising awareness of the dangers of bullying and providing help to those who need it.

 If you are a parent, child, school, employer or employee who needs advice or wants to discuss setting up a training programme

please email Gemma on :


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