Why do people bully others?


Children who bully typically

 demonstrate a strong sense of

self esteem 


Bullies like to feel

powerful & in control 

For someone to bullying they have to have learnt such behaviour.  When FS2B has worked with bullies we have found they often come from homes that use physical punishment to discipline, abuse or have observed other forms of abuse.

Does this mean its okay to bully?

Of course it doesn't it is never ok to bully but by approaching the reasons why someone bullies we can try to understand and help them to learn other ways of dealing with their emotions preventing further victims and heartache. 

 'I may look confident and strong at school but you don't see or hear my tears when I'm at home . . .  I don't want to be a bully but if you knew the truth you may bully me.  Its how I cope . . . . Nobody asks why . . . . '

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