Finally . . . .


I finally saw the pain in your eyes,

I finally saw past the happy lies,

I finally saw what you saw all along,

I finally realised that something was wrong.

You've finally opened my eyes and I see

How life for you was a misery.

I finally discovered what made your life bad

And what I discovered made me so sad. . . .

The person that was destroying your soul

Was me, and my words, we were eating you whole.

It was me and my words that hurt you so long,

I finally realised that I'm what was wrong.

It was too late when I decided I would be fair,

I finally saw, but by then you wern't there.



I was the bully but by the time I realised the hurt and pain

I was causing my victim had taken his life. 

I have to live with this sentence now . . . . I am so sorry.


The Photograph.

I see the image, frozen in time,
The lovely face, forever unlined.
Your eyes are dancing, all aglow,
How could we know you were feeling so low?

You kept it inside, hidden from view,
The pain in your heart known only to you.
The camera, it's said, it never lies,
You fooled it too with your disguise.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, 
You showed us a part, but not the whole.
If only we'd seen it, could we have changed a thing?
Could we have stopped you taking your wings?

I look at it now with quite different eyes,
Why does only hindsight make us grow wise?
If we had the foresight instead of the hind,
We wouldn't stumble as if we were blind.

Yvonne Rhodes.

This poem is written by Yvonne Rhodes, Laura's mum.  Laura died by suicide as a result of cruel bullying at the tender age of 13.  Laura is a very special young lady who was too precious for this world and is loved and missed everyday.  Full Stop 2 Bullying is dedicated to Laura. 
Visit Laura's memorial page by clicking here :

I'm not there

That dirty look you give me speaks volumes to the world you see.

Its a license to be nasty and mean,

You and your teen queens.

You shout you kick you scream ,

From your mouth a tirade of abuse streams.

But I dont care I'm not there anywhere you are.
At school I live in hope to not see you all, then I can cope.


You whisper things about me, you are destroying my sanity

You and your teen queens.

Im not anywhere you are, you see its gone to far.

The misery you cause I cant escape,

Your friends they mimic you but im not anywhere you are.

Someday you will see I'm me, the best that I can be
You will not hurt me with your words your childish mentality is absurd


But I'm not there.

I've moved on, I flew so far,

Your words leave sadness your threats leave scars.

But never again will I be where you are

I've flown away so far. . . . 


 Now I'm a star xx


Vicky Moriarty

This is written by a mother who's daughter is currently

suffering at the hands of bullies.  It is written

from the victims perspective and I feel

shows excellent comparrison to 'Finally' whilst

reiterating the seriousness of bullying.

Thank you Vicky.



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Thank you. 

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